Syrah is Skyy’s sister. She was born on August 1, 2017.  She and Skyy LOVE to play with each other, so we thought it appropriate to dedicate a page to “the nut” of the family!

While the subject matter of this blog is solely about Skyy and his adventures, it is becoming more and more necessary to inform you the reader that Skyy has a sister who is currently 9 months old as of this writing (23 May 2018). The reason for this revelation is that it is very difficult to separate Skyy and Syrah from photos as she follows him around everywhere!

So, without further ado, allow me tto o introduce you to Syrah. (Syrah is a type of red wine)

Here is a pic of her with my beautiful daughter at about 6 weeks old. (before she was fully weaned).


The day we came home with her, Skyy was very curious about this new fur-ball!


Just after this photo was taken Syrah started to try and herd Skyy by crouching low unmovingly and staring at him with the eye.

The state animal of Pennsylvania is the white-tailed deer. With these long legs, we are beginning to think she was crossed with one somehow!


She is a very pretty girl, although be it a bit crazy, which has earned her the nickname “nut” by my daughter.


One of my favorite photos of her is what I call her “spooky vampire” look…..


So this wonderful puppy has graced our lives and poor Skyy has become a bit of a chew toy for Syrah. She is already as tall as Skyy and still has some growing to do!

A few weeks ago my daughter sent me a side by side of Syrah and her mother Katie. This is a striking similarity!


So while the rest of the stories will be about our buddy Skyy, please note that he does have a “nut” sister who loves him as much as we do!



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