Working dogs need to work, otherwise they get bored. We like to take Skyy and Syrah to a park or open field to run. We found the opportunity to run them Sunday at a local park, but it was fairly hot outside. Thankfully there is a pond at this park coupled with a waterfall. My wife has a new IPhone 8 which has an amazing camera built into it. I really liked these photos she took, so I wanted to share…




Lake Erie Fun!

Someone remarked in an article I read recently that the border collie is nature’s all terrain vehicle. Rain, snow, sleet, hot sun, water, mud, ice…all of this can be overcome without issue by the dog.

This description aptly describes Skyy and his incredible work ethic and drive.

Skyy loves swimming in water. So I wondered what would happen if I took him to a portion of the largest freshwater resource in the world: Lake Erie.

No surprise, he loved it!


Next time we go, we will have to see how they do in waves!


Bath Time

Many dog owners feel a cringe when they think about giving their dog a bath. This task brings to mind fighting with an animal who has no need or want for a bath (in their own mind). It also bring to mind violent shaking of the dog sending water splashing everywhere.

To mitigate my own reaction to this as well as Skyy’s reaction, I decided to train him to enjoy a bath. While it was not simple to do, he now cooperates with the whole ordeal (although deep in his eyes you can see him cussing me out for this grave indignity).

The following video was shot on 8/1/18. We had just got back from swimming in a pond at Misty Pines in Wexford, PA and he needed a bath…

Enjoy…(There is really no need to watch the entire bath, so just the first 1:30 of it should give you an idea of what it is like for him.


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