Skyy Puppy Post

It seems that all dog owners have the same mentality as the cuteness of their dog when it was a puppy. Science has shown us that almost all babies have a round quality of their face, eyes etc. that make them cute to our minds. Skyy was not different in our eye when we first brought him home.

Day 1 ~ 4 weeks old


This was the first photo we ever saw of Skyy. We received him from an Amish farm near Sandy Lake, PA. I recently had a discussion with someone who spoke very poorly about the puppy mills the Amish run. I can tell you that my wife and I did our homework, we interviewed the young girl who had bred her dog and the neighbor’s dog. We saw Skyy’s mother and where he was housed until we took him home. I guess we were lucky because he has been an excellent dog since day 1.

Go Home Day ~ 8 weeks old

These photos were taken on the day we brought Skyy home. 9 days prior we lost our first border collie (Bailey) to old age. Skyy brought a new life to our house that has been growing ever since.


Later Puppiness

During one of his vet visits, my daughter took a photo of Skyy, the vet and the vet tech working on him. The clinic found the photo so captivating that they used it on their website for a time!


We learned quickly that a bored Skyy WILL find something to do and it WILL NOT be something we want him to do! (at least he looks happy with himself)


Halloween time 2016


July 23, 2016, (this date 2 years ago) our buddy Skyy made the first journey of his life. He left his mother and the farm near Sandy Lake, PA and drove home with my wife and I.


Little did we expect what a loving dog he would become. We got lucky (and so did he I suspect) with what a great companion he’s become not only to us but to his buddies he visits on a regular basis.

143 Skyy!


We would love to see your puppy photos! Open the discussion link below and please share!

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