Focus on What Matters (and try not to get wet)

Having a focus on what matters the most to you is key to being successful in life. For Skyy, the tennis ball is what matters most. The tennis ball signifies the essences of what make Skyy tick. To him, nothing else is as important as the fuzzy green ball.

A funny thing happened over the weekend. Kellee and I had taken Skyy and Syrah out to North Park to get some exercise. Since Skyy is afraid of other dogs, Kellee took him for a walk around the park trails while I managed to keep Syrah entertained in the off leash dog park. Kellee found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time two separate times during this walk.

The first event happened as Kellee and Skyy approached the water. Skyy loves to swim and the water is roughly 45 degrees at this time of the year. He noted the water and hinted that he would like to take a swim. Kellee kept moving trying to refocus his attention on anything else. Then it happened. Skyy noticed the flock of ducks bathing in the water. He lept off towards those ducks with a ferocity that had Kellee desperately trying to keep up as Skyy dragged her closer and closer to the water. Skyy reached the water and the ducks went flying everywhere! At the last split second, Kellee was able to regain control of her own footing and get Skyy out of the water before she joined him.

At this point, I imagine that Kellee was thinking of many choice words for our beloved Skyy. Not five minutes later, Kellee and Skyy happened upon the tennis courts. There were roughly a half dozen tennis matches being played at this time. To Skyy, a moving tennis ball is something that MUST be controlled and grabbed. Off goes Skyy again with Kellee in tow! I can only imagine what would have happened if Kellee lost a hold of the leash at this point.

After a few tenuous moments Kellee had come back to the off leash dog park with Skyy. Skyy had a look on his face that looked like he just saw paradise! Kellee had a look on her face that could melt steel. As soon as I was in listening range, a tirade of expletives filled the air with a mixture of the two stories I just related here. It did not seem to be the best time for me to laugh, but I wanted to.

That evening as we sat on the couch to relax, Skyy brought me a tennis ball. He places the ball on my lap and then looks expectantly at me until I toss the ball. I have timed his staring contest on separate occasions. The longest time running so far is two hours! I did not feel like tossing the ball to him and I felt that he should not be such a victim of his innermost desires, so I took the ball and placed it on the banister over my left shoulder. The following .17 second video is an example of what happened for the next half hour until we went to bed…

The next morning I let the dogs out to do their business and when I let them back in, he was right back at it.

I finally gave him the ball, but I do not think that he learned a lesson. Since someone needs to learn a lesson over this situation, it may has well be me. The lesson is: If you focus on what matters most to you in life, you will somehow achieve it. (even if it means staring at it for hours)




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