Skyy’s Visit to IMS – Bethel Park, PA

On Monday, 11/12, Kellee, Skyy and I had the honor of participating in Independence Middle School’s (Bethel Park, PA) Veterans Day program. The day started with a lovely breakfast cooked and served by the members of the student council and Bring A Smile To The Service Group. The veterans and their families were treated to a patriotic celebration that included the students singing several emotion-packed songs and an original poem written by two of the students. Many of the veterans in attendance were deeply touched by the enthusiasm, appreciation, and courtesy that was shown to them. Their service and sacrifices were not forgotten. Skyy was a hit. Greg, a Marine vet, requested that his picture be taken with Skyy. Of course, Skyy, the ham, was happy to oblige. He is not one to let a photo op go by!


I spent the afternoon providing students with the history of the border collie breed, the difference between service and therapy dogs and showing them what makes Skyy a much-loved and anticipated visitor to the Aspinwall, PA, VA hospital. Skyy was in his element. The more the students cheered for him, the more he showed off. By the end of the day, after having performed five separate presentations in order to accommodate more than 600 students, Skyy was tired but very happy to have been an honored guest.


Kudos to social studies teacher/student council and Bring A Smile To The Service Group adviser Jenn Makel (proudly raised by a Marine, as her shirt said) and principal David Muench for providing the support the students needed in order to put together a well-coordinated, enthusiastic celebration of those who have served our country. A big thank you to all of the students for making us feel so welcome. A special thank you to Matthew R., who had been our contact throughout the planning stages.


Great job by all! Perhaps we can do it again! God bless our vets.


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