Skyy’s Injury


Last weekend as my wife and I were cleaning up the yard for the winter, Skyy and his sister Syrah were using the nice day as a chance to run around and enjoy life.

Suddenly, Skyy came up lame and would not put weight on his left front paw. We looked over his paw and leg vigorously and found nothing. After ten minutes, Skyy was back to his old self.

Later in the week, we noticed that he was favoring his paw.especially in the mornings. We had a big weekend planned for Skyy and Syrah, so I made an appointment with the Vet.

It turns out that Skyy may have poked himself or bruised his paw and was starting to lick his paw too much, causing more damage. Luckily, the paw was not infected, but due to the injury, we needed to get the paw wrapped up and our weekend plans were dashed. We were excited about the chickens on the wrapping tape!


I am happy to report that Skyy is feeling better, but we can not unwrap the paw for another few days to allow healing. We look forward to getting back on track with our adventures in the next few weeks.


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