I “herd” ewe!

As the temperature soared into the mid to high 90’s, we took the dogs to herd sheep! This time to play with sheep was preordained a month earlier, so the weather was not a factor in the decision, although there were times when we questioned our sanity while we were working.

Skyy and Syrah found ways to keep cool…(Syrah rolls in sheep poop in this video)


Braving the heating elements of mother nature, we travelled to the Spicy Lamb Farm in the Cleveland/Akron area to let Skyy and Syrah to see what their instinct would do. We certianly were not disppointed.

We took some time during our working sessions to cool off. There were a few kiddie pools there but Skyy found a mud bath was much more suitable for him…


Skyy was very engaged with the sheep and was successful moving the sheep around the pen both clockwise and counter-clockwise.


We all had some ice cream afterwards and we all slept very well.

Until next time…

Keep cool!



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