Fun at the farm!

The border collie breed is named for the region in the United Kingdom on the border of Scotland and England where the dogs have thought to be intially bred. The breed is highly intelligent as the farmers in the border region of the UK needed a dog which was a workaholic, always wanting to please their master, and a very quick study – to the point of becoming predictive in nature. Additionally the breed is meant to somewhat resemble the look of a wolf for intimidation purposes.

The goal of the border collie? To care for sheep in the fields and to be able to move them from one field to another and to bring them in for shearing.

In the first of December 2017, we took Skyy to a sheep farm to see how he would do “rounding up” the herd. The goal was fro him to chase the sheep in a clockwise and counter-clockwise mothion around the handler. This is the beginning of training for a good sheepdog.

Here’s what happened…

As seen here, I was trying to show Skyy how to get the sheep off of the fencing, as soon as they were away from the fence, the instinct kicked in!

The boder collie moves sheep/geese/mailmen/cars/children/leaves/snowflakes (whatever they are trying to herd) mostly through an intimidation stare, or “the eye”. Just through pure staring and intimidation, these dogs can move flocks of sheep across miles of teritory!


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