Do you like dogs?

As the recreational therapist, Skyy and I walk around to patient rooms, the residents of the places we visit are questioned if they like dogs. Many residents have a puzzled look on their face when the question is asked, because they were not prepared to see any type of animal there. It is really fun to watch their reaction when Skyy comes into their view.


Oh how wonderful!

Sometimes, it does not go as well. A patient may say no. I liken the “no patient” to a guy like my father. See, Dad is a great guy, but he grew up on a farm when he was young. To him, all animals have a farm purpose and that is all. To ask him if he would like to see a dog is like asking him if he would like to have a visit from a pig or cow!

Skyy and I never take offense to a no. Who knows, maybe next time it will be a yes?

In the first visit to the VA, Skyy and I met a veteran who didn’t want anything to do with him. Skyy did not take it personally.


On our second visit, our veteran friend said they would give Skyy a pat on the head. Skyy accepted this with grace.

On our third visit, Skyy’s buddy ask for him to put his paws on their lap. Skyy really loved this!

On our fourth visit and since then Skyy comes up to his buddy and, with permission, jumps up and gives lots of kisses.

Oh the difference we can make if we just keep trying and offering……


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