Service – Therapy – Emotional Support

Early last month Skyy passed his test for Therapy Dogs International. It was a proud moment for us. What I have been discovering is that there is an issue with definitions when it comes to service, therapy and emotional support animals.

To clarify what these definitions are to me is as following:

Service animal – This is the creme de la creme for the animal world. These animals are trained to do specific tasks such as seeing eye dogs for the blind.

Therapy animal – This is an animal that has passed a certification test(s) and is certified and insured to go into hospitals, schools, etc. to provide emotional therapy to those patients/students whom would like to recieve the therapy.

Emotional support animal – My guess is that if you are reading this blog, you have one of these. These animals can provide emotional support to you (personally) and can have the same effects as a therapy animal, just without the specific training.

As it goes…Skyy is a certified therapy dog. His job is to give those wonderful border collie kisses and eyes to those who need it.


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