Border Collie Art

It is difficult to find art that revolves around the Border Collie. AS my wife and I frequent thrift stores, antique stores and during our trip to Ireland, we discovered that there is much ado about the sheep, but no the sheep dog. I suspect this is due to the sheep are what generate money for the farmer and the dog is simply an overhead expense.

So, for Christmas I was fortunate enough to happen upon a young lady who is a tremendous artist and I showed her a photo of Skyy. She remarked how regal he looked in the photo and I suggested getting a print done of it. The following is a conversation we had:

Artist: That is a really nice photo of Skyy! You know what would make this look awesome? This photo in crayon!

Me: Did you say crayon, as in Crayola Crayon? (I was doubting my decision to inquire to her about doing a portrait of my dog at this point.)

What I was imagining was:

dog photo

Boy was I wrong! What I received was astounding. I simply do not have words for this portrait, so I wanted to share with you all the fast time action of this awesome artist doing her thing with the Skyy Photo   – – -IN CRAYON!!!!!

Let me know what you think! The artist gave her information at the end of the video.

If you are interested, she may be able to do something like this for you! Tell her you saw this video on!

3 thoughts on “Border Collie Art

  1. Well Dan, good thing you found an artist because that first “drawing” has Skyy with too many legs I think! Love her final portrait:)


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